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To the applicants – 2020

If you love nature, would like to dedicate your life to its protection, study the characteristics and mechanisms of natural reserve fund of Ukraine’ formation, its implementation into the Pan-European Ecological Network, you certainly need to apply for the educational program “Wildness protection” study.

Having a profession on educational program “Wildness protection” you can realize your dream to be an active defender of nature. Working in National parks, reserves and biosphere reserves in our country and abroad, in non-governmental environmental organizations you can save the unique beauty of nature for future generation that is so dear to your heart.

You can enroll to the Master’s program at the School of Ecology to receive educational program “Wildness protection” on the basis of any Bachelor’s degree. Moreover, if you already have higher education degree on another specialty, but by the call of the soul you are an environmentalist, than in 1 year and 4 months study with us your dream will become true! Dream!

Read more about the admission campaign in 2019 on  ecological department of Kharkiv national university of V.N. Karazin.

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