Меню Закрити

Scientific activities Areas of research

Scientific research at the Department of Environmental Monitoring and Nature Use covers the following topics:

  • Monitoring of environment components and natural complexes.
  • Assessment of territories and objects of natural reserve fund. Formation of the econet.
  • Agriculture ecology.
  • Forestry ecology and dendrochronology.
  • Ecological meteorology and ecology of atmospheric air.
  • Ecological medical research.
  • Landscape- ecological research.
  • GIS-modeling of territories for ecological needs.

The department actively participates in scientific-research works and grants. Report about SRW (table).

The department took an active part in the development of “Development strategy of Kharkiv region for the period till 2020”, and they are the authors of the publication.

Also, they contributed to the development of “Environmental Strategy of Kharkiv region”.


The Department is the organizer of the annual AllUkrainian scientific conference Taliivski reading at V.N. Karazin Kharkiv national university. This conference is registered in Ukrainian institute of scientific-technical expertise and information. Based on the materials of the conference a collection of articles “Environmental protection” is published.

The Department staff prepare and conduct general faculty conferences:

  • Annual International Scientific and Practical conference “Ecology, Environmental Protection and Balanced Nature Management: education – science– industry”
  • Annual International Scientific conference of young scientists “Ecology, Neoecology, Environmental Protection and Balanced Nature Management”
  • Annual student scientific conference in English “Ecology is a priority”




The Department has a Student Research Society whose members do their own research, write research papers, articles and make presentations at conferences and participate in national and regional competitions of student research work.

The best students have a possibility to continue their education at Postgraduate school on specialty 11.00.11 – Constructive geography and rational use of natural resources led by prof. Baliuk S.A. or assistant prof. Maksymenko N.V.

If desired, students can participate in international mobility programs, and study, take an internship or practice for some time at higher education institutions in Europe.