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Educational and methodical work Areas of preparation

The department provides training of highly qualified specialists in the field of natural sciences in specialty 101 “Ecology”.

The first – Bachelor’s degree allows to obtain qualification “BACHELOR OF ECOLOGY” for 4 years.

The second – Master’s degree allows to obtain qualification “MASTER OF ECOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT CONSERVATION” for 2 years.


Professorial and teaching staff of the Department teaches 9 normative and 20 selective disciplines in professional preparation of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. For these subjects educational and methodical complexes have been designed, including curricula, texts of lectures, recommendations for practical and individual work, questions for seminars, tasks for the current and final test, etc.


In addition to basic environmental training, the study at the department allows to obtain the specialization “Wildness protection”, which is indicated separately in the document on education – Diploma.

The professors from Hungary, Poland and Slovakia are invited to teach an English course “Political and economic aspects of biodiversity conservation in V4 countries” and to make its electronic version to students on Master’s degree in specialization “Wildness protection” according to grant of International Visegrad Fund.


 To ensure better methodical support of the subjects, textbooks, manuals and educational literature are published. At present the series “The library of the Ecologist” has published:

  • Textbooks
  • Tutorials
  • Educational and methodical books

Teachers of the Department also teach the students by part-time (distance). Studying materials from most disciplines are posted on the website of The Electronic Learning Centre, which gives the students, registered in the system of ELC, the opportunity to study at distance access.


A full-fledged professional is impossible without practical training. The teaching staff of the Department manages educational, industrial, scientific-industrial and pre-diploma practices. To provide high quality practical work the teachers prepare methodical recommendations and publish practical manuals.


Educational work is an integral part of the department work: members of the department that are curators of academic groups hold regular curatorial hours, visit students’ hostels, participate in cultural events conducted by the faculty.